Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009 Update

I know I have not updated with a new post in quite some time. It has been a busy couple of months around my home with family visits and taking time out to heal my knee.

The healing is going well. It hurts much less than it did in the beginning, although it still hurts, and as long as I keep the knee bent while standing or walking I am good to go. This being the case, I attempted my bridge yesterday and it was a success! I was able to walk up one entire side, and probably could have done more, but I did not want to take any chances. I was happy with climbing to the top!

I'm almost thinking this fall could be a blessing in a weird way.  Since falling, the only way I can stand or walk is by keeping the knee bent which forces me to use a lot more muscles than before.  I am no longer able to lock my knee back on my left leg, which is my weakest leg, and rely soley on the joint for stability.  I have also started doing this on the right leg much more.  I guess everything happens for a reason.

My mother noticed on my right leg that my calf muscle is coming back. If I flex it, you can see it! I don't notice these things usually, but now I am seeing all kinds of lines in my legs that haven't been there since before I got sick. And before I got sick they were there in abundance! My legs were ripped! LOL.

Here's looking forward to having those legs back again.