Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12

It's day 6 without my wheelchair and I'm still going strong, for the most part.  My left leg kind of gave out on me this morning and I fell on top of it again.  I hurt the knee, in the same spot as before, but I'm not sure I hurt it quite as bad.  Only time will tell.  I was able to get myself up off the floor (I had to army crawl to the bed and hoist myself up on to it), and able to walk carefully to the kitchen to make my coffee, and then back to my office where I have been ever since.  My whole leg hurts from my hip down, but the hip is bruised from the last fall, and I was prepared for these kinds of things.  I'm going to fall, the trick is getting back up and not giving up.  If the knee is so bad I shouldn't be putting weight on it, well then it's a trip to the ER and I'll have no choice but to go back to the stupid chair for a little while.  That will make me very angry if that is the case.

So, today will be a "wait and see" kind of day.  I probably won't be taking too many steps, only what is absolutely necessary, which means trips to the bathroom and that's it.  Very careful trips to the bathroom.

Update 5:15 P.M. -

So far I've been able to do pretty much the normal stuff I have been doing every other day, just with a bit more caution.  I showered, did dishes, some laundry, and also took the time to rest and elevate the leg.  My knee and ankle are very tender, but as long as I wear my foot brace and keep the knee bent, I am able to walk as long as I take it slow (which is the only way I can take it) and use extra caution.

This is exciting for me because I really didn't want to go back to the chair.  Tomorrow will be seven days without it and I really want to go another week, and then another week, and so on...

Step count today:  597
Left to go:  94,009


  1. Shannon--look at your step count. You're over 2500 steps AHEAD of your goal already! GO SHANNON!

    274 steps/day x 12 days = 3288 steps as of today towards your goal.

    Your total steps so far = 5841.

  2. I didn't even realize it, thanks Wendy!!