Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22

I was supposed to get up and walk yesterday, but I stood up and felt pain in my knee and chickened out.  Shame on me!

I will walk today.  I have to walk today, I'm going to fall too far behind in my step count otherwise.  I have to make myself get back to not using the chair, but I'm so fearful of falling it's holding me back.  I can't be afraid to fall, I must move forward!

Update 2:34 P.M.

I'm up and walking with my walker.  I'm a bit shaky because 1. I'm scared of falling again, and 2. my legs are getting reacclimated to walking again, but I'm doing OK so far, just taking it slow and being careful.  I do NOT want to fall and hurt myself again.  UGH. 

The good news is I am right on schedule with my steps, in fact I'm still a tad ahead of the game and that makes me very happy!

Update 4:00 P.M.

Well, at only 183 steps today I am calling it a day in the walking department.  Since I am not feeling 100% myself yet, I am still fatigued, and I need to work myself back in gently.  My legs got very tired, very quickly, and I feel very unstable and shaky.  I am not going to fall again, it would defeat the whole purpose.  So, I'm hanging up my walking shoes for the day.

Step count today: 183
Left to go: 93,626

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