Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38

I know... I know...  I've been neglecting both my walking, and my blogs. 

Things got a little crazy at home here and I have been very, very busy.  It was all a positive kind of busy, but I was busy nonetheless.  At least my kitchen is almost completely finished, and that makes me very happy.

I am way behind on my steps.  I have some serious making up to do this week, but I am looking forward to it.  My plan is to do at least 400 to 500 steps each day.

I will get back into the swing of things.  I'm now on a very serious mission for this next week to get in as many steps as I can, and lose as much weight as possible.  I will be working very hard at both.  Starting today in fact!

It's Super Bowl Sunday and although my team (the Vikings) didn't make it, I am still looking forward to the last football game of the season.  Now there will be no more football for months which is kind of depressing.  I love my football.

This last week my left ankle has been swelling like crazy.  By the end of the day it seems like it could explode.  I know that I have been eating way too much sodium, so I will cut that out and see how it does.  I also realize that I have not been walking, and when I don't walk, I swell.  That is also my injured ankle so that plays a role, too.  It is still healing, and it does still hurt, but I've been off of it long enough, and as long as I'm careful, it should be fine.

Step count today:  0
Left to go:  92,933

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