Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43

I'm really getting sick of this weather. I hate to even begin to complain about it since I know that many others have it SO much worse, but it's all relative, and enough is enough, for everyone. It would be nice if winter would just end all over the country and we could all get back to our somewhat normal lives. I'd like to go back to my normal power bill instead of paying almost triple what I normally do. It's a nice jolt of reality when your first power bill of the year is almost as much as your rent. Hard to stay on budget with crazy weather like this.

Down here in Florida, we are not used to long cold spells or below-freezing temperatures. We might get one or two nights a year that drop below 32, but then we are done. This winter has set records... 60-year old records! The strawberry and citrus farmers have taken the biggest hit, but it trickles down from them. They have needed to pump so much water over such a long period of time that there are sink holes all over my area, pumps running dry, road closures, and basically utter chaos. The county is claiming it will cost millions just to repair the sink holes. Ouch. Not to mention the loss of crops and revenue from those crops.

I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just move back home to Minnesota. If I'm going to be cold anyway, why not?

Step count today: 150

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