Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48

Along with my walking, I did some crawling yesterday. I have been trying to add as much movement outside the wheelchair as possible, and I figure what the heck, when we were babies we had to crawl before we could walk. My abs have never been more sore than they are today, so I'm thinking I got a really great workout in! That's pretty exciting to me because although it hurts my knees, they'll toughen up and it's nice to know there is more I can do that actually works my lower body. It's also a great exercise for my hip flexors (the muscles that pull your leg up from the hip - like when you march) which are very weak and can barely lift my leg against gravity. Crawling uses these muscles, and they don't have to lift against gravity so they will get stronger faster. At least that is my hope.

This is all good news in light of the fact that my weight machine is broken so I can no longer do leg extensions. Sad because I was up to 10 pounds!

Step count today: 0

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