Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59

I was thinking the other day about how hard it used to be just for me to stand up straight, and without putting all my weight on my lower back and knees.  Now here I am walking 100's of steps a day, climbing up and down stairs, and standing for lengthy periods without getting fatigued as quickly, and without using my joints for stability.  I am actually able to use the muscles in my lower body to hold myself up.  It's all quite overwhelming at times, but when I see the progress I'm making it brings a tear to my eye.  This could actually happen for me; I could actually walk unassisted and do all those things I've been missing all these years like walk on the beach and swim in the ocean, or go outside and play in the rain with my daughter, or go for a bike ride with her through our favorite park.  For so many years all that seemed so far out of reach, and now it seems like it will actually happen!  Nothing in this world would bring me more joy.

I've paid my dues, learned my lessons (for the most part), and struggled and fought long enough.  Maybe I really do deserve this.  Maybe all the fighting and hard work I've put forth really will pay off eventually.  No matter what the outcome, I will never stop working hard.

Step count today:  168 

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