Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63

I've been emailing with a very close friend of mine today.  Her and I met years ago and made instant friends.  The first night I met her, she wanted to tell me what an inspiration she thought I was and how strong and beautiful she found me.  Then she told me she had colon cancer.  Here is a woman fighting with the worst thing anyone has ever had to fight, cancer, and she's telling me how I inspire her!  Needless to say we had a very touching moment of story-telling and lots and lots of tears.  That was about six years ago, and she's still with us, and still kicking butt.  The woman has been through hell and back, and she still remains positive and upbeat, and just all around wonderful.

Talking with her would bring anyone's spirits up, and she makes a person want to go out and do something good right away.  To suffer through what she has suffered, and do it with such style and grace is amazing.  Well... she's amazing!

So, after several emails with her this morning, I am getting ready to get my walking shoes on and get my steps in.  It's going to be a big walking day today as I think I may hit the park, and then later I have to do some errands which means lots of getting my chair from the bed of my truck, which means lots of walking.  And although my friend is far away, I can feel her right by my side with every step cheering me on.

Step count today:  40

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