Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78

I made a trip into town yesterday to refill my water jugs, and on the way I was delighted to see the Azaleas are blooming.  That is the first sign that spring is here!  Thank God!  I'm not sure how much more cold I could take.  I know it has been worse all over the country, but when you have lived in Florida for 18 years and warm is what you are used to, then you get one of the worst winters in Florida's history, it's hard to say the least.  Between the incessant cold, the rain, the clouds, and the insanely high power bills, I've about had enough of this winter and am ready to move forward into spring!

I already have my basil garden sprouting on my kitchen window sill, and even they are itching to go outside.  Soon my babies, real soon :)  Mommy can't wait to go play in the dirt either.

Step count today:  120

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