Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 81

I did the math today and I am still 6,691 steps behind schedule.  UGH.  I know I will get caught up, I just know it, but as I've said before, I really hate being behind on anything.  Damn gravity making me fall! :)

I'm feeling a bit better.  I'm at least more motivated.  Spent the entire day cleaning yesterday so I can start the week with a nice clean house.  That's always a great feeling.  Now if the rest of the remodeling would just finish itself my life would be complete.

The weather is really starting to shape up.  It was gorgeous a couple of days ago, then it rained all day yesterday, now it looks like today will be perfect Florida weather.  My spring bulbs are coming up and my plants that were decimated by the terrible frost this winter are starting to show new signs of life!  Those kinds of things will always bring my spirits up.  I can't wait to go play in the dirt.

Remodeling can certainly keep a person busy, but I have several specific projects that I am working on as of right now.  Leveling the floor in my shed is one of them.  When I say shed, I mean a two-car garage without doors.  This thing is huge.  The surface area of the floor is 648 square feet.  So, my job is to level this floor - by hand.  I now have a new appreciation for the phrase "a job is only as big as the tools".  I don't mind the work, in fact I love physical labor and using my body.  The only drawback to this task is the silty dirt I have to eat to do it;  which is the whole point of doing it.  I need to level it so I can put something down as a temporary solution until I can have it paved.  That dry silty dirt wreaks havoc on a vehicles carpet, and my vacuum!

Between that job, which will take me a week I'm sure, and laying some pavers for a walkway and a pad for the outdoor seating area, I will be buff in no time.

Just talking about it gets my nerves in a bundle.  So much to do, so little time to do it all. 

Must... get... to ... work. 

Step count today:  550

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