Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83

It's a gorgeous day today, and yes, I am feeling much better.  I think my slump is over momentarily, and that's a nice feeling.  Sometimes things just get overwhelming and a person needs to feel it, even if it's negative.  I strive to be positive and cheery as much as possilble, so if I have to give in to the dark side now and then, I will.  It's healthy.

Speaking of being healthy;  my diet is going very well and I'm still losing weight.  The more I lose, even when it's just a couple of pounds, the better I feel and the easier it is for me to move around.  That's just common sense really, but I still enjoy the fact.  I can only imagine how much easier things will be another 40 pounds from now.

Spring is officially here, and thank God for that!  Tending to my garden is therapeutic for me, and I definitely need some gardening therapy.  My first batch of seedlings (my herb garden) are ready to go outside and spread their wings.  I also bought a fresh new set of seeds to get started, and even some strawberries!  My plans are for a raised garden bed this year so that I can fill it with all kinds of delicious soil and organic material that my plants will just love.  Having a raised bed just makes things easier all around.  I'm very excited to have my own organic fruits, herbs, and veggies coming in.

I wish I had the money I would build a chicken coop and get some laying hens for my own organic eggs too. 

So, today I am going to do some work outside.  I always feel like a whole new person when I spend some quality time with nature.

Step count today:  0

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