Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 88

This weekend was a busy one.  Saturday I don't think I stopped moving from the time I got up at 6:30am until midnight.  So, I spent all day Sunday chilling out.  I still got some stuff done, but I mostly relaxed.  Now today, on my way up the steps, I got the most horrific kink in my neck and it hurt so bad it almost made me fall flat on my face.  I managed to get inside and have since taken some Motrin, but it's still there making me look like I'm doing the Robot every time I try to move.  I hate that.

I will still try to get in as many steps as I can, but pushing down on anything with my right arm hurts like hell so we'll see.  Maybe it will work itself out and just go away!

Step count today:  80

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