Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 120

Wow, what a day!  Four miles in my chair at the park, and then I came home to do a couple hours of good old fashioned hard gardening.  I don't have any fancy power equipment -- no sir -- I use nothing but hand tools and elbow grease.  We planted our blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bell peppers, tomatoes, and of course a plethora of herbs to help naturally keep the pests away from our 100% organic fruits and veggies.  I have blisters on my hands and am in desperate need of a shower, but it was oh so worth it!  The blackberries are almost ready to harvest and my mouth waters at the thought.  It's just the beginning, we have many more veggies to go in the ground, but that was all we could manage today with what energy we had left.

So, as far as walking is concerned I didn't do a whole lot, just going back and forth to get my chair out of the bed of the truck, and put it back in, but I definitely got a lot of exercise, which is also very important in my recovery process.  I have to have endurance and strength, and I notice after I do cardio that the increased blood flow increases strength in my legs.  Woo hoo!

So, tomorrow will be my day for lots of walking and crawling.  It is my rest day for cardio so I won't have to put on any miles which will leave time for steps.

Step count today:  70

Steps I'm behind:  7,186

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119

While doing my walking yesterday I was very surprised at the added strength I could feel.  Either I was just having a really good day, or the crawling is doing more than expected.  It only makes sense that something we do shortly after we are born and BEFORE we walk is an excellent exercise to try to walk again, but I can't help but be a little skeptical about everything.  Afterall, I have been in a wheelchair for 12+ years.  No matter what the outcome, I will keep doing it, simply because it's fun.

Step count today:  0

Steps I'm behind:  6,982

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118

I accomplished what I set out to do yesterday, minus the exercise bike.  By the time I had done my five minutes of crawling I felt like I had just ran a marathon, and I still had to go do three miles in my chair, so I figured I'd save my strength.  I am going to get on the bike today, however. 

Apparently I'm getting in shape again since yesterday's three miles weren't necessarily a piece of cake, but it wasn't exactly hard either.  During the three miles I felt the usual pains; shoulders and triceps burning, hating it at certain points, wanting to stop, but I pushed on.  Afterward was when it didn't feel like I had really done anything.  I was waiting for that "wow, I just did three miles" feeling to kick in and it never did.  I guess my body is getting conditioned and I will need to pick up the pace a bit and start adding distance.  YAY!

I will do some more crawling today and see if I can't go a little further.  Although I did the five minutes yesterday, I had to break for a little bit about mid-point and let my arms go back in their sockets and catch my breath.  I would like to see if I can go farther than 2 1/2 minutes before breaking.  Yesterday it felt like I left my arms on the floor when I had finished, but I guess that means I'm getting a good workout :^)~

This crawling thing is proving to be a very hard workout, and I love it.  I need to try to add as much every day as I can.  Muscles are getting worked that don't normally do anything, even when I walk, so I am very happy about that.  Between the walking, crawling, and miles in my chair I should be a rail in no time!  A very muscular rail :^)

I'm a little less annoyed with people today.  Yesterday was good -- I didn't have anybody bother me at the park -- even though there were lots of people there.  That's how it should be.  I realize that some people are just ignorant, or they just don't know any better, but that shouldn't be my problem, and just because I'm in a wheelchair it sometimes becomes my problem, and that makes me even more upset.  There are days when I can take it with a grain of salt and brush it off as just another clueless person, and then there are days like the past few when I just get fed up with being nice all the time.  I suppose with everything there has to be balance.

The good news is that for every person that says something stupid or does something stupid, there are countless others who totally "get it" and make my life enjoyable.  People like my close friends who don't treat me any differently, yet quietly look out for me and keep my disability in mind.  The cool people in my life who love me for me.  The new people I have met over the past year who have turned out to be amazing, and the people I have known most of my life with whom I have recently renewed friendships.  And, let's not forget those of you who support me and my effort to try to walk again.  I could gush all day about you people.  You know who you are (I hope), and I just want to say thanks.  It's people like you who get people like me through every minute of every day.

Step count today:  341

Step's I'm behind:  6,708

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 117

Well yesterday turned out to be a bit of a better day, although I did have an eight year-old girl standing next to me at the movies say "I feel sorry" while she was looking at me, and when I didn't acknowledge her she told me she liked my shirt.  I felt like saying "I feel sorry for you that you're so stupid you little shit!"  I don't mind quite as much when it's kids, and I know it's not their fault it's just lack of education, but after 13 years of this bullshit, even she got on my nerves.  Had she asked me what happened I would have said "when I was about your age I asked someone like me that same question".  That might have gotten her thinking a little bit.

On a happier, and much cooler note, I came across this incredible story via The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and had to share it with you:

"Name: Brad Burns
Injury: Incomplete quadriplegia
Mechanism of Injury: Auto accident
Date of Injury: May 31, 2008

Brad Burns says he is happier now than he was before the auto accident that left him living with quadriplegia in May 2008 at the age of 24 ... and he has a Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation tattoo to prove it.

Burns, now 26, went from having his C4, 5, and 6 vertebra fused together, a C5 burst fracture, broken right ribs, lacerated lungs, two torn muscles in his right deltoid, and an open-book fracture of his pelvis, to now being able to walk independently with just a front-wheeled walker."

Read the rest of this incredible story here:  Nothing's Impossible

What I found particularly interesting is how they initially got him up and walking.  I've heard that doing the motion forces the brain to create new paths if necessary, but I've never seen it actually work in such an amazing way until I read that story!  Wow!  I feel so incredibly happy for him.

So, after reading that and having done nothing to speak of yesterday (I was having an "off" day), and nothing so far yet today, I think it's time I get my sorry ass moving.  I'm going to go attempt to crawl for five straight minutes, and then maybe I will also attempt my exercise bike for a few minutes.  After all that I will still have to do my three miles in my chair, but once I do the other hard stuff that will feel like a piece of cake :^)

Step count today:  354

Steps I'm behind:  6,775

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116

Monday, Monday. 

Here's hoping today is a better day -- as far as people are concerned -- than yesterday.  When I go out to do the things I need to do, I hope everyone just minds their own business.  Unless some fine looking man wants to come up and ask me out on a date, or someone wants to just make conversation, I prefer to be left alone.  I'm not going to be so nice anymore, I'm just going to start insulting these people right back.  I've had several comebacks over the years, but never used them.  "What happened to you?", me: "nothing, I just got tired of walking."  "OMG did you get in a car accident?", me: "Ya, I got hit by someone stupid like you."  Oh, the list goes on and on, and usually I just clam up and wave them off, or I say "long story" and keep moving because I fear what I will really say if given the chance to let my anger take over.  Now that my daughter is older she gets upset as well, which makes me even more upset.  I can feel her tensing up, and that just makes my rage start bubbling, and I know that I need to get away, and fast.  The things I could say to these people would leave them stunned and searching for the nearest dictionary.  They would have no clue that I just insulted them, and their whole family, with just a few sentences. 

Sometimes I think maybe I should just let loose and give them a piece of my mind.  Maybe if I did, they wouldn't do the same stupid thing to another disabled person just trying to make it through another day. I have a feeling that with people like that it wouldn't matter what I said, they wouldn't get it anyway.  If they don't already understand that you don't just go up to someone who has already suffered enough and start prying into their personal business just because you're curious, then they more than likely never will, and no amount of my words or time will change them.

Most of the time I can laugh it off and just keep remembering that they are clueless, but there are those days when it's just not the right day to F with me.  The kind of day like yesterday when I wasn't having the greatest of days to begin with, and the whole reason I was at the park working my ass off was to help calm my nerves, and release stress and excess energy.  It's like when I have to pee really bad and there is someone in my stall using the sink and mirror to do their makeup...  If looks could kill, my body count would be in the triple digits.

Step count today:  0

Steps I'm behind:  6,855

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 115 - Too Many Questions

I went to my favorite park today and got in four miles.  This park has huge wooden bridges that cross the river, and it winds and bends through the jungle-like foliage that is Florida's lanscape with hills, and what I consider torturous terrain, but that is what I love most about it.  Whenever I need a really great workout, I go to this park and get it.  For the most part, the people that go there are there for the same reason I am; to get outdoors, get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.  They are friendly people who wave as they pass by, or say hello, or in today's case warn us about some wild pigs that were rooting around right off the trail.  It's a sanctuary for me.  Somewhere I can go to get away from it all and get in some much needed cardio at the same time.  Today, however, one person had to make me see red.

Now, I know that people are curious about me.  They see me in my chair and all kinds of questions arise.  That's all fine and dandy, and most people keep it to themselves and go about their day wondering.  Then there are those select people who have no filter, no class, and no clue.  The ones who can't keep their mouths shut, and for whatever reason feel the need to satisfy their curiosity by asking me questions.  Like I have nothing better to do with my day than make sure their questions are answered.  Like I'm just so eager to talk about my condition, and go over that story for the one millionth time.  What makes these people think that anyone like me wants to rehash what they've been through, or that we feel comfortable when a complete stranger says "are you paralyzed?", or "what happened, was it a car accident?"?  Do they think we spend our days waiting to be bothered mid-workout by someone wanting to know why we're in a wheelchair?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, and why people do these things doesn't matter to me.  What matters to me is that I, and so many others out there like me, get left the hell alone when it comes to our disability.  Hey, if we want to talk about it, we will, and even then at least we will have the courtesty to make sure you feel like hearing it. 

I don't mind when people who have taken the time to get to know me first ask me questions, it's their right after they've invested the time it takes to treat me like a human being and become my friend.  I do mind when a total stranger who has never seen me before stops me when I'm at the end of a very hard workout to ask me "Are you paralyzed?"  Like I want to spend my cool-down time telling her no, and why.

I mean really.  I don't go up to total strangers and inquire about their health.  I keep to myself, do my own thing, and leave everyone else alone unless I am saying hello or greeting them with a little wave and a smile.  All I want in return is the same courtesy.  Ask anyone in a wheelchair, or  anyone with a disability, and I guarantee they will say the same thing.  Don't treat us differently, or ask us personal questions, we hate it.

Step count today: 50

Steps I'm behind:  6,581

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 114

Ah, Saturday.  I am markedly less sore today then I was yesterday, and thank God.  I could hardly move yesterday!  Between the walking I did the day before, and the crawling, my entire body was so sore it hurt to breathe.  All in a good way, of course, but painful nonetheless.  It was an ibuprofen kind of day to say the least.

I can still feel some remnants of soreness today, but not so much that I'm not anxious to get some more walking/crawling in today.  For something that seemed so silly, and somewhat embarrassing, it has become fun to me.  My little dog gets all excited and walks with me, and I enjoy knowing I am getting great results.  I can already feel the added strength in my core and thighs.  Hallelujah!  I'll be dancing before I know it!

Although I had planned to do quite a bit of crawling yesterday, the soreness was too great so I only took a few steps.  I did get in two miles in my chair, however.  Even doing that took every last bit of willpower I had to get out there, but just as always, once I did I was glad I did.

Every day that goes by I am more and more glad that I made the decisions I have made these past couple of years.  Who knows where I would be, or what I would be doing had I stayed where I was and kept doing what I was doing.  God works in mysterious ways, and I thank Him everyday for opening my eyes.

Step count today:  300

Steps I'm behind:  6,357

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 113

Today is a hard workout day for me.  I need to do some more crawling (not looking forward to that), and I have four miles in my chair scheduled (not looking forward to that either).  I'm still sore from two miles on Wednesday, but, no pain no gain.  I also have to fit in some steps in there somewhere.  Busy day for me.

I finally ordered my first "Never Give Up" t-shirt yesterday.  I'm so excited to wear it.  Now anyone who sees me will also get my message :^)

Well, this will be a short entry, I must get to work. 

Step count today:  100

Steps I'm behind:  6,383

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Custom Tee

You can wear the same t-shirt I do when I walk or workout.  Help support my cause!  Click here!


As a 34 year-old woman, the thought of crawling seems, well, silly.  But, when you are a disabled 34 year-old woman who is trying to walk again, it's one of the best exercises you can do.  Getting down on the floor and crawling is harder than it looks, believe me, I know from experience.

I was told years ago by one of my therapists that crawling would be an excellent exercise for me to do on a regular basis.  Although I tried it over the years here and there, I never really considered doing it on a daily basis as a strength training exercise, until recently.  A couple of months ago I got down on the floor sans knee pads and crawled around for as long as I could -- about 15 minutes.  The next day my core was so sore I could hardly move.  Even laughing was painful.  I told myself this was something I needed to do every single day, but my hard laminate floors made it very difficult and painful on my knees.  So, the other day, I went out and got myself some lightweight foam knee pads for about 4 bucks.  They are soft enough to protect my knees, and are smooth enough on the outside so as not to ruin my floors.  I strapped those babies on today and crawled for about 5 minutes before I was totally out of breath and thought I might die.  I'm going to take that as a good sign that crawling is definitely an exercise I should be doing.

One of my biggest weaknesses in my legs are my hip flexors.  These are the muscles that pull your knees up to your chest.  A very important function of walking is the ability to pull your leg up (like when you march) a bit so the foot can move forward without dragging on the ground. These muscles are so weak, and my legs so heavy, that doing this exercise against gravity has proved not only a challenge, but nearly impossible.  Crawling solves this problem as I am able to pull the leg up toward my chest with each "step" I take to move myself along the floor.  With repetition these muscles should gain enough strength to then be able to do this against gravity while walking.  How exciting is that!

The hip flexors are just one muscle that will benefit from this exercise.  My entire core; abs, obliques, lower back, hips, glutes, etc, come into play just to do this one activity.  It's really quite exciting. 

Today I crawled for what would equate to 100 steps, and I have added that to my step count for today.  I will be doing this exercise as often as I can -- daily being my ultimate goal.  Perhaps I should invest in some kind of knee pad that also cleans my floor as I go :^)       

Happy Earth Day!

Earth as seen from satellite April 22, 2010 @ 11:05 a.m. EST.

Day 112

I have another article to share with you that a good friend sent to me a few days ago.  Like she said, maybe with someone so high-profile being afflicted, it will bring more awareness, and maybe some more money to research and finding a cause and cure:

LBJ's Daughter Luci Hospitalized - CNN

It is absolutely terrifying to go through this disease.  Imagine feeling perfectly healthy one day, and then unable to use your body the next.  It happens that quickly.  I shudder at the memory of it to this day.  I was knocking at death's door, and it's only by a miracle that I survived. 

On another, less depressing note, I didn't do any walking to speak of yesterday.  I walked back and forth to get my chair out of the bed of the truck a few times, but I'll just add that here to today's count.  I also did two miles, but that was in my chair of course.  Someday I will be doing that on foot, but for now I still need my wheels.  I'm actually sore from it today, I must have really amped up the pace more than I realized. 

I also wanted to share this with you.  Although my daughter got me this for an early Mother's Day gift, I'll post it here now and wish you a Happy Earth Day! 

Step count today:  576

Steps I'm behind:  6,209

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 110

Someone sent me this article about a soap star in the UK who was afflicted with Guillain-Barre several years ago, and she too is still struggling with walking again. 

Suddenly I don't feel quite so alone.

Day 109

Step count today:  558

Steps I'm behind:  5,963

Day 108

Step count today:  124

Steps I'm behind:  6,247

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105

I climbed my bridge again today, this time using a quad cane and holding on to the railing of course.  I did three ramps and had to sit, but I've been going hard all week so I'll cut myself some slack.

From the top looking down:

Step count today:  555

Steps I'm behind:  6,220

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 104

Climbed my bridge today. Not only did I climb it, but I pushed my chair up with me.  I only made it up three ramps, but I'm giving myself some huge kudos on that one because it wasn't easy.  My first time back after months of healing from my falls, and I get back in the game by climbing it with no crutch, no cane, just pushing my chair.  (patting self on back)

I also had another awesome milestone.  I walked to the back of the truck only holding on with one hand.  I didn't realize I was doing it until I had gone about half way.  I had my wallet and keys in my right hand, and I didn't want to scratch the truck with the keys, so I just held on with one hand.  When I realized what I was doing I said "Megan, check this shit out!"  It was a very cool moment to say the least, and it just goes to show I am still progressing.

Step count today:  324

Steps I'm behind:  6,501

Monday, April 12, 2010

My new trail i just walked 335 steps on :)

For the first time ever, I walked 335 steps with minimal breaks. That's almost half the length of this trail :^)

This was also a huge moment for me because it's the first time I've felt brave enough to walk in front of people.  I know I must get over that fear, but it has been a tough one.  I hate that I walk funny, and I hate even more that people stare and watch me struggle.  Not everyone of course, but some.  Today, as I was walking along, I passed several people (or more appropriately they passed me) on the trail who glanced at me and kept on going, helping me to stomp all over the fear of people staring.  Actually, I met some really cool folks today, and I was able to appreciate my height for the first time in a while.  All in all it was a fantastic day! 

Day 102

So I have added a half-marathon to the list of things I want to accomplish this year. That's 13.1 miles in one shot.  I found a great training schedule to work with and will follow that to the letter.  Thank you Mike Danger!

So, along with my steps, I will post here what I have done for the day to train for this event.  I more than likely won't be doing any official race, but I will certainly clock the miles in on the day I am supposed to and log my time, etc.  I'm really just doing this for fun and for the exercise.  I can also apply my fitness to charity races later in the year like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and The Heart Walk.  I will be much better equipped to handle these types of races.

So today I will be going to the new park I found and trying out their walking path with my walker.  I will consider this my first day of training since the requirements are for strength and stretching.  Nothing says strength training and stretching like trying to walk .38 mile with my walker for the first time!

To be clear, I will be doing this marathon in my chair.  I would really love to be able to walk it, but I'm just not quite there yet. Maybe next year!


Well I went to the trail, did 1 mile in my chair to get my blood pumping, then got brave and busted out my walker.  I was able to walk about 45 steps at a time and then sit.  I made it 335 steps total before I called it quits. What a workout!  I'm used to doing between 50 and 150 steps at at time at home, but I get big breaks in between.  At the trail I was taking about five minutes for a break.  Phew!  We figured it out using my pedometer (thanks Wendy) that the new trail is 790 steps from start to finish, so that means I did a little over 1/3 of it before I had to stop.  My thinking is if I keep it up, I'll be able to eventually do the whole trail!  That's an exciting prospect!

Step count today:  395

Steps I'm behind:  6,277

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 101

It was another gorgeous day here in FL today.  Originally I had thought it might rain, and it did, just not here ;^)  We did two miles and felt great!  I also found another park that's closer that I plan to frequent. It has a nice .38 mile paved walk through a wooded wetland, and I think I will even be able to walk it with my walker. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and I'll let you know how that goes!

Step count today:  400

Steps I'm behind:  6,398

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100

@tonyrobbins: It is far more powerful to live your truth than to preach it... if you fall off target.. make a change now.. walk your talk !

Truer words were never spoken.

I even received a direct message from Mr. Robbins himself:  "tonyrobbins - you've got the message in your twitter name! all the best to you, tony"  He sent that to me in response to a message I sent him:  "@tonyrobbins You keep me inspired and moving, thank you."  What a great way to start my 100th day!

It is the start of Spring Break for us today.  There is a lot to do this next week and I'm excited for it.  I need to work extra hard at getting caught up on my step count, and part of that will take place on the beach!  I can't remember the last time I felt sand on my feet, and I will actually get to feel it which is pretty cool. 

Wow, between the gorgeous weather, the inspirational message from Mr. Tony Robbins himself, and my inner strength, I think this is going to be a great week!

Step count today:  466

Steps I'm behind:  6,524

Friday, April 9, 2010


Yup, that's me, twelve years ago.  Man I miss those legs and abs :)  I will have them again.

Day 99

I just read a great article that I have to share with you:

Giving Yourself the Freedom to Fail

It really does make sense that although it may feel like failure if you can't run those two miles you planned, it's really not. If you run a mile, that's certainly more than none.

Same applies to me and the pressure I feel some days that I must get up and walk, walk, walk. Some days I just don't feel up to walking at all, but I will get up and take a few steps and judge how my body feels. If it's all I can do just to take a few steps, I will do as much as my body tells me I can and stop, but if I take a few steps and it feels almost effortless -- I will still do as much as my body allows and stop. Either way, I'm doing as much as my body allows, which is a hell of a lot more than nothing and is still forward progress.

A great example of this just happened to me yesterday. I went to my favorite park and planned to do my usual four miles (in my wheelchair of course). It had been a while since I had been there, but that usually doesn't matter, I'm in good enough shape to do four miles with a break at the two mile mark. On this particular day, however, I felt like I was just starting out. I had no energy it seemed, and my body just didn't wanna. It was like a little kid whining at me "are we done yet?" So, I gave it the rest it wanted and only did about one mile. The day after I was very sore so it's clear to me my body needed to rest.

I think I will print that article and paste it on my office wall. Since I fell behind in my step count, I have been feeling bad about it, like I have failed. Truth is, I haven't failed until my 365 days are up for one thing, and for another thing, even if I don't make the 100,000 I still have not failed as long as I have continued to try.

Must give self more credit.

Step count today: 457

Steps I'm behind: 6,716

The day is not over yet. Since it's Friday, I am indulging in an iced coffee and once my little girl heads off to the movies I am going to do some more walking. I actually am going to bring out my quad cane and see how I do with just one. If I'm too wobbly I won't bother for fear of another injury, but I'm curious to see how it will feel compared to how it felt a year ago.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 97

Today the pain in my back is much more intense and localized than it was yesterday, so I am better able to figure out where it is coming from. I think it's safe to say it's a separated rib or two. I have felt this type of injury before after moving heavy things while bent over in my chair, and that is exactly what I had been doing on Monday. There's no sense in my making a trip to the doctor since there is nothing they can do for me except charge me an arm and a leg (and I need those), tell me what I already know, and send me home with pain pills. I have a huge Sam's Club bottle of Ibuprofen that will do just fine.

It hurts to move around, but such is life, and in my world when does it not hurt to move around? So, today I will be getting in some steps, pain or no pain. I am falling much too far behind to sit around another day. I'll never walk across that Golden Gate at this rate, and that's at the top of my bucket list.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Golden Gate idea, I have a deep love of bridges. I admire their grace and beauty, the engineering and perilous labor that goes into erecting them, and the sheer magnitude of their size and strength. Ironically, I am not a big fan of driving over them, but I have always wanted to visit my favorites and walk across them. The Golden Gate in San Francisco is at the top of my list. There is something so cool about a construction orange bridge that can be that beautiful. Along with its beauty, there are so many interesting facts about its construction that it boggles the mind. My goal used to be I was going to wheel over it -- that has since changed and I plan to walk across it. It's about a mile long, so I've got my work cut out for me, but I WILL do it, and I will meet my friend Richard at the other side and have a drink to celebrate.

So, off I go to do some walking with visions of a bright orange bridge dancing in my head.

Step count today: 522

Steps I'm behind: 7,097

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 96

Everyday is a new adventure in what can hurt next and how.  I woke up this morning with the strangest pain in my back.  It hurts in the area of where my bra wraps around, only it's wider than that.  It's as if someone beat me in the ribs while I slept (damn cat).  The only thing I can think it could be is sore muscles, or possibly some separated ribs from lifting and moving heavy bags of soil and plants yesterday.  (I don't even want to think of the other things it might be since it is in the area of my lungs.)  I've done that before -- separated my ribs -- and it hurt so bad I swore I'd never do it again.  My daughter always yells at me when I lift heavy things, but I'm stubborn and I can do it, so I like to.  Apparently I'm paying for it today, and I have some gorgeous potted plant creations around my patio to prove it.

I posted before (maybe in my other blog) that I'm out of gardening shape, and this just makes me realize how much.  If I can't throw around bags of soil, and my plants, then it has been much too long since I've been outside playing in the dirt.  I have big plans for my backyard area this year, and I will certainly get one hell of a workout from it.

So, the idea today is to take some Ibuprofen and wait and see.  I wanted to try to walk for an hour today.  I think that would equal out to about 1,200 steps, give or take a couple hundred.  I usually walk about 100 steps in five minutes, but some days I'm slower like I fear I will be today. 

No pain no gain.

Update:  So I took Ibuprofen and it didn't make a bit of difference.  The pain is still too intense to do any kind of walking, or moving for that matter.  I am resting today and will see how I feel tomorrow.  If it's not any better by tomorrow morning I am going to assume it's more than just a back ache, or soreness, and go have it checked. 

Step count today:  0

Steps I'm behind:  7,345

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 95

I didn't do much walking this weekend, aside from the few steps I took in my friends kitchen just to show off my progress, and of course walking up and down my steps at my house.  I will just add them to this post.

I had a good weekend.  Let loose a bit at my friend's and felt a little crappy on Sunday, but it was a nice relaxing weekend, so it's all good.  It had been a long time since I had some good clean fun!

Today will be a long, busy day.  Hopefully later on I can get at least 4-500 steps in. 

Step count today:  175
Steps I'm behind:  7,071

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 91

Step count today:  402

Steps I'm behind:  6652

Rebuilding My Credit

When I got sick I lost everything.  My car got reposessed, I lost my apartment, etc.  I went from working, to not, in a matter of days.  As one can imagine, this had a very negative impact on my credit, and I have just recently started working on fixing that.  It was hard all these years to find a way to help rebuild it since once it was ruined nobody wanted to give me credit again.  Add to that the fact that I didn't have a job for the first few years after getting out of the hospital, and you can understand why I haven't been able to do much about it. 

Even after I began working, I was still reluctant to try to obtain any type of credit cards, or put myself into any kind of debt with such low income.  I didn't want to start to try to rebuild my credit, only to fail and ruin it all over again. 

There are several great ways to help fix bad credit for those with lower income or single parents like myself who don't have a lot of extra spending cash and don't want to get into too much debt.  One way I found recently that I just love is the Account Now prepaid Visa card.  If you enroll in direct deposit, you can then borrow money as needed and they will simply deduct what you borrowed from your next direct deposit.  So, say for instance you need money to get you through to your next pay day, you borrow say $40 from the card and they will just automatically take it out the next time you get paid via direct deposit.  It's really simple, really low in cost, and won't get you buried too far under a mountain of debt.  The bonus here is they report to the credit bureau!  It's a really great, hassle free, low cost way to start building a credit history.  For more information:

Rebuild your credit with Account Now

The other way I have been able to get my credit score up was to rent to own from Aaron's Sales and Lease.  They are the only rent-to-own company that reports to the credit bureau once you've successfully paid off your item.  I bought a laptop and paid it off in twelve months and it now shows as a Paid/Closed Never Late Account in Good Standing.  :)  For more information:

Aaron's Sales and Lease

I hope someone can find this information helpful.  I'm just so excited I'm finally building a good credit history without having to stress over too much debt, that I had to share!