Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 112

I have another article to share with you that a good friend sent to me a few days ago.  Like she said, maybe with someone so high-profile being afflicted, it will bring more awareness, and maybe some more money to research and finding a cause and cure:

LBJ's Daughter Luci Hospitalized - CNN

It is absolutely terrifying to go through this disease.  Imagine feeling perfectly healthy one day, and then unable to use your body the next.  It happens that quickly.  I shudder at the memory of it to this day.  I was knocking at death's door, and it's only by a miracle that I survived. 

On another, less depressing note, I didn't do any walking to speak of yesterday.  I walked back and forth to get my chair out of the bed of the truck a few times, but I'll just add that here to today's count.  I also did two miles, but that was in my chair of course.  Someday I will be doing that on foot, but for now I still need my wheels.  I'm actually sore from it today, I must have really amped up the pace more than I realized. 

I also wanted to share this with you.  Although my daughter got me this for an early Mother's Day gift, I'll post it here now and wish you a Happy Earth Day! 

Step count today:  576

Steps I'm behind:  6,209

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