Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 117

Well yesterday turned out to be a bit of a better day, although I did have an eight year-old girl standing next to me at the movies say "I feel sorry" while she was looking at me, and when I didn't acknowledge her she told me she liked my shirt.  I felt like saying "I feel sorry for you that you're so stupid you little shit!"  I don't mind quite as much when it's kids, and I know it's not their fault it's just lack of education, but after 13 years of this bullshit, even she got on my nerves.  Had she asked me what happened I would have said "when I was about your age I asked someone like me that same question".  That might have gotten her thinking a little bit.

On a happier, and much cooler note, I came across this incredible story via The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and had to share it with you:

"Name: Brad Burns
Injury: Incomplete quadriplegia
Mechanism of Injury: Auto accident
Date of Injury: May 31, 2008

Brad Burns says he is happier now than he was before the auto accident that left him living with quadriplegia in May 2008 at the age of 24 ... and he has a Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation tattoo to prove it.

Burns, now 26, went from having his C4, 5, and 6 vertebra fused together, a C5 burst fracture, broken right ribs, lacerated lungs, two torn muscles in his right deltoid, and an open-book fracture of his pelvis, to now being able to walk independently with just a front-wheeled walker."

Read the rest of this incredible story here:  Nothing's Impossible

What I found particularly interesting is how they initially got him up and walking.  I've heard that doing the motion forces the brain to create new paths if necessary, but I've never seen it actually work in such an amazing way until I read that story!  Wow!  I feel so incredibly happy for him.

So, after reading that and having done nothing to speak of yesterday (I was having an "off" day), and nothing so far yet today, I think it's time I get my sorry ass moving.  I'm going to go attempt to crawl for five straight minutes, and then maybe I will also attempt my exercise bike for a few minutes.  After all that I will still have to do my three miles in my chair, but once I do the other hard stuff that will feel like a piece of cake :^)

Step count today:  354

Steps I'm behind:  6,775

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