Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rebuilding My Credit

When I got sick I lost everything.  My car got reposessed, I lost my apartment, etc.  I went from working, to not, in a matter of days.  As one can imagine, this had a very negative impact on my credit, and I have just recently started working on fixing that.  It was hard all these years to find a way to help rebuild it since once it was ruined nobody wanted to give me credit again.  Add to that the fact that I didn't have a job for the first few years after getting out of the hospital, and you can understand why I haven't been able to do much about it. 

Even after I began working, I was still reluctant to try to obtain any type of credit cards, or put myself into any kind of debt with such low income.  I didn't want to start to try to rebuild my credit, only to fail and ruin it all over again. 

There are several great ways to help fix bad credit for those with lower income or single parents like myself who don't have a lot of extra spending cash and don't want to get into too much debt.  One way I found recently that I just love is the Account Now prepaid Visa card.  If you enroll in direct deposit, you can then borrow money as needed and they will simply deduct what you borrowed from your next direct deposit.  So, say for instance you need money to get you through to your next pay day, you borrow say $40 from the card and they will just automatically take it out the next time you get paid via direct deposit.  It's really simple, really low in cost, and won't get you buried too far under a mountain of debt.  The bonus here is they report to the credit bureau!  It's a really great, hassle free, low cost way to start building a credit history.  For more information:

Rebuild your credit with Account Now

The other way I have been able to get my credit score up was to rent to own from Aaron's Sales and Lease.  They are the only rent-to-own company that reports to the credit bureau once you've successfully paid off your item.  I bought a laptop and paid it off in twelve months and it now shows as a Paid/Closed Never Late Account in Good Standing.  :)  For more information:

Aaron's Sales and Lease

I hope someone can find this information helpful.  I'm just so excited I'm finally building a good credit history without having to stress over too much debt, that I had to share!

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