Friday, May 28, 2010

Challenge Extended?

The idea of heading out west to walk with Matt has me excited to really get busy.  I have been challenged to complete my goal before Matt finishes his journey, and I will be rewarded with a trip to walk next to him before he finishes.  Hmm... am I up to the challenge?  Hell ya!

Looks like I better get my ass in gear.  Matt is walking over 20 miles per day and not taking many rest days.  At that rate he could be done in the next few months, which means I've got some serious walking to do. 

Perhaps I should pretend that certain areas of my house are different states, and as I walk through I am crossing state lines and time zones.  I doubt that pictures of my house and animals would be quite as interesting as the photos Matt has up on his site, however.  Either way, I'll be walking with Matt in spirit.

I better get to work.

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