Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 140

The day after I did my 1,031 steps, I took a break.  I had company coming, so I had to clean all day, and my legs were feeling the affects from the day before, so I figured it was a good time to rest and let the muscles repair themselves.  Yesterday, I took as many steps as I could muster, but after having company and not getting much sleep, I did just below my daily requirement and then called it.  I figured it's best to be a little short, than fall and get behind even further.

Today will be my day to attempt to squeeze in 1,000 again, and do three miles in my chair.  The miles are getting easier and easier, as I get in better and better shape.  The better shape I am in, the longer distances I can walk before becoming fatigued.  It's all such a great process, and I love how it's making my body feel.  I've always had a strong ticker, and I love that it's getting even stronger with all the cardio I am doing.  It's going to need to be strong to once again pump blood through 6' of standing me!

So, it's off to the races today.  The last thousand steps I did made me feel so accomplished and proud that I just can't wait to get another thousand down.

Step count today:  1103

Steps I'm behind:  7,063

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