Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 149

So I did 520 yesterday, and I did most of it later on in the evening.  My legs hurt more than usual today.  I guess it's just because of the late time I did my walking yesterday.  They are hurting a lot more every day, and it reminds me of my arms when I was still in ICU. 

When my arms first came back, they did it quite slowly and painfully, but they did it.  My Occupational Therapist would come in every morning and work with me, and I would fight him tooth-and-nail because it hurt so bad (hurt so bad through morphine and break-through pain killers).  He would tell me everything was going to be OK, and to just let him do all the work as he stretched my arms out and moved them through their range of motion to get them loosened up and not so tight and painful.  Once that part was over, my feeble attempts at putting a round peg in a round hole weren't quite so bad: just awkward and difficult.

I wish I could remember my OT's name.  ICU was a rough time for me, I was on more drugs than I care to remember, so my brain was a tad foggy.  It would be nice to have someone around like my OT that could come in my room every morning and take my legs through their range of motion before I start my walking for the day.  Unfortunately, it's just me, so I suppose I should find a routine of some sort that will help my legs loosen up and not be so stubborn and painful for the first half of my day.  There needs to be a version of yoga that is doable for someone like me... Hmm...

Step count today:  306

Steps I'm behind:  7,032

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