Sunday, February 7, 2016

You've come a long way from those skinny legs baby!

I found this post in my archives today and had to repost.  I know I have this actual photo somewhere, and I plan to find it and scan it for a better quality image.  I was 125 pounds there, smaller than a size 4.  When I originally posted this, I had begun walking with my walker and trying harder to gain strength in my legs, which I actually began to do and was able to walk for a while using a walker until I had my hysterectomy and then everything kind of went down hill again and led me to where I am now -- once again unable to stand or really move from the waist down.

(originally posted May, 2010)

"I stumbled across a folder full of photos, and while looking through it found this and it took my breath away.  The sight of my skinny, ill frame is shocking.  This was taken three months after my release from the hospital where I spent six full months of hell.  Notice the skinny arms and legs.  I have packed on considerable muscle in my upper body, and recently, even my legs are putting on some muscle.    This is a wonderful reminder of how far I have come.


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