Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 160

So, it's official, I will be going up north to see my family this summer!  I am very excited about this new development, and have a lot of work and planning to do as I will be going sans chair!  That's right, I will be taking a walker only... eek!

I did very well walking yesterday, and I did it all barefoot, something that has been quite difficult for me over the course of this journey.  The last time I tried walking barefoot for any length of time (over 400 steps or so), my feet would get very fatigued and then turn inward onto my arches and I did not have the strength to get them back straight.  To prevent this, I would simply wear my sneakers and my foot brace.  Yesterday, I didn't need the shoes, or the brace, and I did rather well considering I walked over 800 steps in a somewhat short period of time!

Going on such a long trip without my wheels is something I would have never thought of doing even two months ago.  I have come so far that it's almost unbelievable.  This will be a huge trip, and something I need to start planning for today, but I am up for the challenge!  I'm strong and capable, and I will do this.

The biggest obstacle I see as of now is the airport.  I will have to get there several hours early to be sure they have a chair available to get me through the vast expanse of the airport, to the gate, and on the plane.  No problem there, it just takes planning.  The other obstacle will of course be fatigue, but provided I bust ass walking from now until then, I will do nothing but get into better shape than I am now, and I could do the trip now if I had to.

I will of course be in constant motion up north, going from place to place trying to see as many people as I can while I'm there, but there will always be time to sit and visit, and rest.

Who knows, maybe by then (seven weeks from now) I will be able to just take some crutches.  Those would be easier to transport, although as of now they are not easier to walk with, so time will tell.

The big event will be the trip home.  I am driving.  Driving is the easy part, it's the stops and the walking that's the hard part.  Although, after hours of being on the road, the stretching and moving around will no doubt feel good.

Besides, how can I possibly not be happy on the trip home when THIS is what I will be driving:

And P.S., the lavender house in the background is the house I grew up in!  My cousins own it now.  Yes, it has been that color since I can remember.

I am just vibrating with excitement right now.  Time to get to work!

Step count today:  726

Steps I'm behind:  6,893

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