Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 167

I did a little walking without my left foot brace yesterday, and I don't think that foot is quite ready yet.  I sure wish it was because the hard plastic brace is really making it sore.  I will still walk as much as I can without it, but when I need to be able to walk a little faster, I will have to wear it as my foot still drags too much.

I plan to start practicing my walking outside the house.  When I go to MN, I will be walking on all kinds of different terrain, so I think I need to get prepared for that.  It's much more difficult walking in grass and dirt with hills and dips versus in my home on flat wooden floors or tile.  There is a lot more to get tripped up on in the great outdoors, but it also makes for a better workout.

I've had my coffee and it's time to strap on my new sneaks and get to work.

Step count today:  757

Steps I'm behind:  7,262

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