Friday, July 23, 2010

I Wear Men's Pyjamas

On a search for the perfect pair of PJ's to take on my trip, I scoured Walmart's women's section for what felt like hours until I finally had a light bulb go off -- the men's section!

I am quite tall (6') and have very long legs.  I like my pj's to be all the way to the floor, and finding that in women's in Walmart is like, well, impossible.  Almost feeling petite for a minute, I picked up a soft pair of men's knit pants and a big oversized t-shirt.  Once home I washed and dryed (big mistake) them.  Long story short, the pants are too short (pun intended).

I text my daughter to tell her the great news and this was her reply:  "That's really sad when they are men's PJ's and still too short.  You big Ogre."


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