Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love late night thunder storms when the power goes out and all you have for light are candles.
I come across otherwise, but secretly I'm a huge romantic.
I love the smell of fresh-cut grass.
I have a slow thyroid that makes me gain weight and constantly fatigued.
I despise people who can't mind their own business and focus on their own lives.
I'm older, a little wiser, but not dead yet.
I am a sucker for a freshly shaved, nice smelling man.
I'm a sucker for a green-eyed man.
I go weak at the knees when I'm bitten on the neck.
I hate it when someone lets an elderly person cross the road, but then inches their car forward and rushes them.
I know people who have known me for years, yet they still don't know me.
I love early mornings and watching the sun come up.
I love the beach and the sand.
I love salt water and how it makes my skin and hair feel and look.
I'm addicted to coffee.
I haven't had sex in over a year.
I'm looking into doing marathons with a hand bike (seriously).
I met a double leg amputee and he was hot (he also had nice warm hands and a great handshake).
I'm a sucker for big, warm hands.
I enjoy hard work, I think it can fix anything, and I also think not enough people do it.
I love to sweat.
I've always hated running.
I think my daughter is the most wonderful person on the planet.
I can curl my tongue but can't wiggle my ears.  My daughter can wiggle her ears.
I have big feet.  No, really (size 11)
I despise fake people.
I despise control freaks.
I want to go on a Mediterranean cruise.
I almost died once and saw things I don't care to discuss with just anyone.
I used to live in constant fear of everything.
I'm strong, independent, and will no longer be taking shit from anyone, ever.
I like looking at beautiful things.
I love how the sun feels on my skin.

I'm done with this list.


  1. We've got quite a few things in common...thyroid, size 11 feet, closet romantic to name just a few...I get you just the same way you've connected with what I've been saying on my blog.

    You go girl!

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