Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Regrets

I stumbled across this blog while perusing today and this one post really stood out for me and touched my soul.  That sounds odd to me because I don't know this person, but something in her words really reached out to me and I wanted to share it:

"No regrets.

For what I do, have done and may do in the future - I have no regrets.

My heart is good, I am not evil and therefore have no regrets.

The devil tattoo is not meant to represent evil, it has "history" attached to it and memories that will remain with me forever and therefore I have no regrets.

I am misunderstood, for that I have no regrets because I am not accountable for someone else's lack of intelligence, tolerance and curiosity for the truth.

I know that those related to me by blood do not know me, for that I have no regrets because I wasn't given the freedom to be myself, I had to take it the hard way and that ruined things-it wasn't all me.

I stay guarded with my heart and have no regrets because I can't stand emotional pain, it's so hard to rebuild your soul.

My quietness is mistaken for cold-heartedness, I have no regrets about this because in my quietness I've learned that I am not awarded the same patience I've given away so freely.

My body, pound for pound is me right now, for this I have no regrets because I know it's just the shell - my heart, pound for pound far outweighs anything else.

So there."
 This deeply reflective post comes from this blog:  Creating My Own Empire

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  1. Thank you...for your kinds words and for letting me know that my words have meant something to someone other than myself.