Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 279: I did it!

It's complete!  I finished my goal of 100,000 steps, EARLY!  Even after two falls that lead to a bad knee injury that set me back up to almost 9,000 steps, I managed to pull it together and finish my goal nearly three months ahead of schedule!

Now what?


  1. The sky is the limit Shannon! You are such an example to all of us, I am so proud of you! I bet step 99,999 was amazing....but 100,000, even better!

    Chin up, keep climbing...God is watching your every step, literally :)

  2. I say, try to beat your record. The next 100K steps in 278 days or less!

  3. Thanks ladies! Wendy, you read my mind. I was actually thinking of something before the end of the year...? Something to really push myself...

  4. Way to go, Shannon! Keep on walkin'!