Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 280: New Goal

After some not-so-careful thought, I have decided to reset the ticker and attempt 100,000 steps by Jan 1, 2011.

There are 85 days left in this year, which means I would need to walk 1,176 steps each and every day in order to accomplish this goal, and that is just what I need to do to push myself even further toward walking unassisted.

I am already walking a bunch each day, so I really need to up the ante and kick myself in the ass (so to speak).  I also plan to add some strength training, but it's just too complicated to try to make a ticker for that... !

At this point, if my triceps get much bigger, I could just have them transplanted into my legs somewhere for added strength!  I already have massive arms for a woman, I don't really need them to get any bigger.  At least now I am using different muscles than when I was in the chair and they are getting balanced out, but enough is enough!  It's just all the more reason to get those legs stronger and take the focus off my upper body.

So, here goes!

Step count today:  1058


  1. Roughly how far is that many steps a day?

    Either way, BEST of luck to you! keep it up

  2. It depends on the length of a person's stride, but it's about a half mile.

  3. Wanted to let you know has happened since Sept. I have a top of the line power wheelchair. PT and OT say it will be another year for anything close to normal. I want to dispel that. I am using walker 300 steps a day. 2.5 linear feet in one step. Personal best is 1000 steps but lots of Oxy for pain that next day.

    I have. Five inch wheel front walker and am looking into a crutch now. Certainly is a change of life for me. Saw your note telling folks about my video. Also noted you hace stopped blogging. All is well?
    Bob Shannon Cheney/Spokane Wa

  4. Congratulations, Bob! I know I have not been blogging much lately, I have been moving and dealing with what goes along with that. I will post very soon, I promise! All is well with me... in fact when I left Florida on my move back to MN, I left my wheelchair behind. I no longer use a chair, just the walker!