Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home, Finally

I am finally back in Norsk country and it has never felt better!  I have had many laughs so far at all the things I had forgotten about in my 20 years of being away; for instance, up here they say "pop" and down south they say "soda".  Up here around this time of year when it hits above zero degrees it's a heat wave, down south if it drops to twenty degrees the entire state panics and shuts down completely.  And, up here in the great state of MN, if you're a weakling, you will never survive.

The most interesting change we have had to make so far was teaching our Chihuahua how to go to the bathroom in the snow!  It took her two days to figure it out, but she finally did and now it's tough to get her inside!

I am looking out my window at the piles of white snow wondering why I ever left.  Yes, it's cold.  Yes, it snows almost all winter long, and yes the sun doesn't shine near as much as it should (in fact, it seems that the only time the sun shines is when the temps hit below zero!), but it is my home and I feel blessed to be back.

People ask me why the heck I moved from Florida back to this tundra, and I simply say because I wanted to come home.  I suppose had I never left I would ask me the same question, but knowing what Florida is really like to live there, I wouldn't go back if you paid me.  A vacation, maybe, to live there, never again.

The best part of all of this is when I left Florida, emotionally I left the old me behind, and physically I actually left my chair behind.  I have been completely without wheels since Jan 5!  I have to say I have done just fine and I don't even miss it.  I just keep getting stronger, yippee!

It has been six months now since I have been walking on a regular basis, and although I am still progressing slowly, I am still progressing. 

It will be up to 30 degrees by the weekend here.  I think I'll go find an ice fishing hole and go swimming!


  1. I love your blog, Shannon. I moved back to Boston from NYC after 10 yrs. and get the same "Why?" question. Same as you, it's home. Keep up the great work, you're a true inspiration!

  2. Now, Just to get you to GF. Or me to DL. Maybe you and Becky & Megan could come to see the Vagina Monologues @ the Firehall Theater on February 11 or 12?

  3. I'll be in GF this week. Coming up this weekend to find a place finally, and hopefully will be in one soon!

    I'll be in touch when I get settled in :-)