Monday, December 17, 2012

Dailies: Day 8

Did my 60, like a boss, and even added 10 reps of reverse pushups (that's what I call them, but not sure if that's the right name - works the very back of the tricep where women - like me - tend to get "lunch lady" arms).

The crunches are getting easier, although the third set of ten is still a little tough.  The pushups, too, are getting easier, but those also get harder at around rep 8 of each set.  Much better than getting hard at rep 4!  And, my squats are still about the same "style", but they, too, are getting easier to hold my form and get them done.

All in all after about 1 week (with a couple lazy days mixed in), I am getting stronger and I can feel it and I LIKE IT!

I'm already going to start adding things each day, but just to try out for now.  This will give me a better idea of what my next 30-day goal will be ;-)

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