Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starvation Mode?

I have a hard time believing in this supposed "starvation mode" your body goes into if you don't eat enough calories.

When I eat healthy, I purposely keep track of everything I eat just out of curiosity to see how many calories it adds up to, and it's always a lot less than my daily allowance, or even what I should eat to lose weight every day.  But, if I'm full, and I don't want to eat any more, why should I just because I supposedly need to add up to a certain amount of calories?  I just don't believe it.  Which is it, eat until your full and then stop, or stuff yourself just to meet a daily average?  I think the diet industry needs to make up its mind.

When I'm eating nothing but lean meats, veggies, and fruits, and drinking plenty of water, plus taking supplements, why should I have to eat more than my body wants?  When I feel full, I'm full, period. 

Anorexics don't eat nearly enough, and end up so skinny they look like they'll tip over any minute, so why don't their bodies go into "starvation mode" and store fat like the theory suggests?  I understand how their bodies will start to burn muscle instead of fat, but I'm not anorexic and am nowhere near worried my body is doing to do this, but I also don't believe I won't burn fat if I don't eat enough calories.

I feel so good when I eat so healthy.  I lose weight and am less puffy, have more energy, etc.  So, how is it that just because one day I might eat 1,000 calories or less, yet still eat enough that I'm full and satiated, that I'm supposedly not going to lose weight?  It's all a bunch of BS.  Eat healthy, drink water, eat only until you feel full and don't force yourself to eat any more, and exercise.  Sounds pretty simple to me.

Never Give Up 

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