Thursday, August 29, 2013

A New And Improved Me: Day 5

So, surgery has officially been rescheduled for September 16.  I am ecstatic!

Now I have three full weeks to really get healthy and clean.  I want to get my skin as youthful and healthy as I can so that everything goes well with healing.  I want my body to be as healthy and ready as possible so nothing goes wrong during surgery and I recover well afterward.  Three weeks is a good amount of time to be able to accomplish those things.  The body is so adaptable, it's actually quite amazing what we can do in just three weeks!

If you're just now tuning in, you can read about my surgery and why I'm having it here

I know it seems odd for someone to be so excited to have surgery, but considering I'm carrying around a bowling ball in my uterus that is obviously getting bigger, I think most women can probably get on board with me.  And men, you can stop reading here if you want, but with a tumor that big, my periods aren't exactly a day at the beach either.  In fact, they are downright horrible.

Ok guys, that's over.

I am also going to try to lose as much weight as I can before surgery.  I will be doing this the healthiest way possible, of course, but it stands to reason that the healthier my weight is, the better off I will be both with the actual surgery itself, and when I come home.  It will be much easier to move around with a healing wound if I'm lighter and there's less of me to haul.

So, I suppose I can take you along for that journey and share my ups and downs with you.  Here are my stats as of today:

Height: 6'
Weight: 180
Goal Weight: 145

Chest: 36
Waist: 35
Hips: 42 1/2

Now, in regard to the seemingly enormous waistline, that is such an incorrect measurement right now I can't even begin to tell you.  My waist was that big around when I was over 200 pounds, so it's safe to assume the tumor is causing this expansion in both my waist and my hips.  My hips should not be that big around right now either, and I can't wait to see what the new measurements are after everything is taken out.  I would also deduct 5 pounds of water bloat from it being that time of the month, and at least 5 pounds for tumor and uterus weight that will be gone after September 16, but those are my actual weights and measurements nonetheless.  It will be fun to watch them change over the coming months.  I have three weeks to surgery, and then 4-6 weeks of recovery.  I can't wait to report my new weight and measurements along the way.  Should be interesting.

I added a few highlights to my hair today since I can't stand it being all one color.  I will add a new post later on after it is styled for you to see, because I will be changing it again and again.  Just another thing that will be fun to see the finished product :)

Never Give Up

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