Sunday, August 25, 2013

A New And Improved Me

Today is the first day of another new "me".  With a pending surgery, I am already on a path of body cleansing and weight loss, and today is just another day on that path, but my resolve is just that much stronger. 

I have a doctor's appointment this Tuesday (August 27, 2013) with the Endocrinologist to see how my thyroid is functioning.  That appointment will determine whether we can move forward with surgery, or whether we have to wait a bit longer until my thyroid gets under control.  Either way, I'm on a mission to be as prepared as possible for surgery.

Besides eating cleaner, eating less, drinking more water, and attempting to detox, I am also taking supplements in hopes that I can boost my immune system and healing capabilities so that I'm not only in tip-top shape for the surgery itself, but so that I can heal up in the best and healthiest way afterward.  I would like to come away from this surgery feeling energized and refreshed.  Considering I will be losing a giant tumor, among other smaller tumors within my uterus, and my uterus itself, I am pretty sure I'll be feeling lighter and healthier just by that alone.  So, if I'm as healthy and light as I can be by then, I will just be walking on air when I get home.  I'm sure losing the organ and the tumors will most likely shed 10 pounds, maybe more, maybe less.  No matter what the poundage, it's certainly going to relieve all this pressure and pain in that area.

So, now that I've mastered homemade baked beans, I will put the unhealthier creative cooking aside and work on healthy creative cooking for now.  With Fall and the holidays coming, I will have plenty of chances to satisfy my desire for cooking all things bad for me :)  At least then I can share them with friends and family and get them out of my kitchen so I'm not tempted.  Maybe by then I'll be in good enough shape that I can indulge a bit as well. 

I'm thinking I also need to start stretching more to gain a bit more flexibility, but also to relieve some of the pain in my lower half that I am sure is cause by tension and tightness of the muscles and ligaments.  I've been browsing Pinterest for Yoga positions and the like in hopes that I can find at least a few that I am actually capable of doing.  It's really sad that there aren't more Pins, or just information in general, available to those of us who can't do the "normal" Yoga poses and are limited to just a few.  Maybe that should become my next project?  Create a Yoga plan for disabled people.  Maybe I will.  After all the effort I will be putting in to finding poses and stretches that I can actually do, I might as well share my findings with others.

Never Give Up

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