Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet My New Friend

This is a picture of my abdominal area while laying flat on my back. That bulge you see is not fat; that is a tumor the size of my head. It was discovered by ultrasound and CT scan yesterday and was labeled more than once, and by more than one person and machine, as a "huge pelvic mass".
You know it's gonna be a long road ahead when the doctor examining you feels this bowling ball in your stomach and actually says, "holy shit". 
It's so big they were unable to get a clear enough picture to determine which organ, or organs, it's actually possessing, so they will have to open me up and go from there. Fun.
So, I will keep you all posted on this latest attempted hostile takeover of my body, and my subsequent fight to the death! ;-)
Never Give Up

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  1. Shannon, I may not have this as you, but I've got a damned long way to go. I've ballooned up 75 pounds? Because of this post and your dropping my group..I'm going to lose it and 25 more. Your my inspiration.