Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mayo, Here I Come

So, due to my most recent issues with my legs, it looks like they are sending me to Mayo (finally!)

I am currently waiting for my insurance to approve it, then Mayo has to review my files and approve me, then they will call me with an appointment.

Because of this new update, I have created a Go Fund Me account for anyone who would like to help me out with the expenses of going to Mayo.  I live 7 hours away, so I will have to have my daughter drive me, and we will have to stay in a hotel each time we go for an appointment.  I can't ride in a car for too long, and my daughter just gave birth to my grandson so we will definitely have to rest a night before turning around and coming home.  Expenses for this will really add up between gas, food and rooms, and since I live on only disability and have no income, I am pleading for any little bit of help I can get.

Thank you!

You can visit my Go Fund Me page here:  Mayo Expenses Go Fund Me Account


  1. Greetings. I included your blog and or video in my website. It's a list of first-person accounts of people who are battling GPS and its variants.