Sunday, February 28, 2016

Boosting Testosterone

On my ride yesterday, I was discussing with my friend the magic of testosterone.  Him being a male, he has that advantage of what I consider to be a miracle hormone.  Testosterone is like jet fuel to the human body.  Women get a surge of it for four days every month, and I can always tell when I'm getting mine. My energy level spikes, I'm in less pain than usual, I'm logical and can easily organize. It always makes me wish I had more testosterone in my body on a more regular basis. So, probably against any of my doctor's wishes, I began taking testosterone supplements. Nothing illegal, of course, but simply the natural boosters you can find at any health or nutrition store, or online where I purchase mine.  

I have tried several different kinds, and I always return to High T. It's all natural and has the greatest effect on me without any harmful side effects. I take half the recommended dose for a man, so 1 pill per day. It truly does give me more energy and motivation to go to the trail or lift weights or do whatever I can physically to improve my body and mind.

Obviously, if you plan to take any kind of supplements you should talk to your doctor first. Some supplements, even natural ones, can have serious side effects and interactions with other prescription or non-prescription drugs you might be taking so don't chance it, speak with your doctor.

I have not taken this in a while because of all the medicines that I am currently taking, but I do plan to speak with my doctor at my next appointment to ask if it would be OK to take it again. Spring is almost here and I enjoy being outside getting exercise so much! 

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