Wednesday, February 24, 2016


THIS is what I deal with on a minute-to-minute basis, every single day.

The irony of it is the fact this is a wheelchair accessible, dial-a-ride van for those with limited abilities or the inability to drive.  There are stickers on both sides of the van asking for courteous parking, to not park too close to the doors, to leave room for a wheelchair to get in and out.  Yet, she is parked taking up two handicapped spots, one of which is mine, and I am in a wheelchair. If I was to park in the spot on the left (which is near the roadway) then I'm infringing on the van's ability to get a passenger in or out -- so...  

First of all, people, parking on ANY hash marks is illegal, ESPECIALLY the blue ones that signify handicapped spaces!  For those of you who don't know what hash marks are, they are the diagonal lines next to a parking spot, or anything, to signal you to NOT park there - or drive there in some cases.  This person, who should know the rules, is clearly parked on them.

This is the second time today this has happened to me, and I've had it up to my eyeballs with this shit. At my doctor's office, an elderly woman parked three inches from my driver's door leaving me no room to get out even if I could walk, and I have to have my door all the way open to be able to get my chair out.  So, I had to move my car over onto the hash marks to make room for MYSELF.

I have been dealing with this inconsiderate shit for nearly 20 years now and I'm done being nice and just letting it go.  I'm going to start calling every single person out so that maybe someday these idiots will be educated enough to have a little courtesy for people who's lives are hard enough the way it is without having to be more inconvenienced and ignored.  I'm done.  This means war.

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