Saturday, February 20, 2016

Reaching Out To Mayo

I have decided to spend this weekend drafting a letter to Mayo Clinic.  The medical care in Grand Forks is so sub-standard that I feel as though the files Mayo received from here were also so sub-standard that it played a large role in why I was unable to get an appointment.  I plan to write a very detailed account of my illness from beginning in 1997 to now and make them aware of everything I've tried to make Grand Forks doctors aware of with no success.  I've tried telling them numerous times that this all slowly began after my hysterectomy in 2013, but none of them seem to want to hear me.  They treat me as just another patient who doesn't know what she's talking about, but I could run circles around them with the medical knowledge I possess.  I may not have a degree, or know all the complicated medical terms, but I know my body, I know what my body has gone through, and I know how things work.  Most importantly, I know when I'm not being heard.  Half of these doctors need to lose their licenses to practice medicine, especially the physiatrist who never listens to a word I say and has me sitting here for 2 weeks in excruciating pain because of that fact.

Nothing gets accomplished by sitting idly by, and that has never been more true than when it comes to your health.  I have a lot of typing and thinking to do, and I hope that I am able to get through to the doctors at Mayo Clinic so that they will take on my case.  This will not only help me, but possibly someone in the future with similar issues.

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