Friday, February 12, 2016

U of M Minneapolis

I received the call from my neurologist's office this morning.  I did not get into Mayo Clinic like we had hoped (sad face), but they were able to get me an appointment at U of M in Minneapolis!  So, that's a great start.  I can continue to try to get into Mayo if they are unable to find any answers.  Mayo is very strict about their criteria.  They state that appointments are in such high demand with not enough resources to accommodate every appointment request that they feel I do not meet enough of their criteria for an appointment.  They don't feel there is anything more they can do that my doctors here aren't already doing (which is crazy talk, but whatever).

I feel that my doctors haven't done diddly squat!  I've had numerous appointments, but most of them are all talking about my symptoms and trying to find the right medications to get my legs loosened up enough to get an MRI.  We were unable to do that, so I finally had to be put under anesthesia to get the MRI.  The MRI was all normal, so now what?  According to my neurologist, she didn't want to do any more testing because then Mayo wouldn't accept me, but they didn't accept me anyway so I'm just frustrated.  I really wanted to get into Mayo, but I'll take the U of M as well.  It's at least a step up from where I am now.

At least rather than just getting me relief, my doctors are trying to find the reason behind all of this and hopefully make me better so I'm extremely happy about that, I just get frustrated and impatient.  Most nights I can't sleep because the pain and spasms in my legs are so bad.  Lack of sleep just makes things worse all around.  My mental, emotional and physical states take a beating when I'm sleep deprived.  I'm not even sure what we could do to get me sleeping at night.  We've tried so many different medications already and none have really done much at providing me with much relief.

I guess I'll just wait and talk to the U of M.  Wish me luck!!!

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