Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My First Appointment With U of M

My first appointment at U of M went well. It was short and sweet. The facility is amazing! The staff and doctors are amazing. The neurologist had a lot of insight and ideas into what he believes is going on with my body, and has been going on with my body since my first episode in 1997 that left me with residual weakness in my lower half.

U of M Health Clinics and Surgery Center
Heading in to Minneapolis for my first appointment with U of M
I had to do quite a bit of searching to find a hotel with beds that were low enough for me to get in and out of unassisted. Although my daughter is a skilled CNA and could lift me in and out of bed no problem, I see no need to put her through that when I can simply find a hotel with low enough beds. Not to mention I get up several times a night to use the bathroom and I would never in a million years wake her that many times to do so.

The hotel I did find was awesome! The Aloft in downtown Minneapolis was only $93.00 for a double queen bed wheelchair accessible room, and it was ACTUALLY ACCESSIBLE! I end up having issues with so-called "accessible" rooms when I get in there and the bathroom door isn't wide enough, or it opens into the bathroom so I can go in and close the door at the same time. But, this hotel had a sliding barn door style door on the bathroom with a full length mirror and a HUGE shower with fold down seats and a removable shower head. The beds are platform beds that were the perfect height for me. All in all I was very happy with everything about this hotel; the price, the accessibility, the staff, the location. I give it an A+ for sure!

low beds platform beds wheelchair accessible
Aloft Hotel, Downtown Minneapolis - yay for low platform beds
We even had a nice view of the new stadium! The sun was shining bright as soon as we walked in, and I really needed that positive and bright atmosphere to brighten my spirits and really make me feel welcome and safe the night before my appointment.

Minneapolis minnesota new stadium
We even had a view of the new stadium
My grandson loved the bed, and he even got a bath in the bathroom sink! It was so much fun hanging out with my daughter and grandson. We laughed and enjoyed the quiet, bonding time. We haven't had much of that since the little guy was born. My daughter has been busy with him, and work, and all her other grown-up responsibilities, and I have been busy with my health issues and doctor's appointments, etc. It was just what we needed amidst all of our daily life responsibilities. I even got a bit of a break from the constant pain that consumes my every waking moment. The pain is always there, but every now and then when I'm enjoying myself, I get distracted enough that it's not center stage quite as much.
Aloft hotel grandson approved
Grandbaby approves!

Grama shannon's grandson and daughter smiling and laughing
My loves enjoying the peaceful time.

Had a bath in the sink! I feel great!
There was a sushi restaurant across the street from our hotel, and since it was on the second floor of the building, we were concerned about my accessibility (as usual - that's always a factor), so my daughter just went over and got us some dinner and brought it back - her treat. She's so good to me I can't even put it in words, because there aren't words great enough to match her greatness.

Yummy Tuna Sashimi!

Mom and son quality time :)
The following morning we left plenty early so we could find the place and get parked and inside with plenty of time to spare. All went well and everything went off without a hitch. Next time, however, I will do the valet parking like they suggested. It's just too busy and too much hassle when it doesn't cost any more to let them do it than if you do it yourself.
Sunrise in Minneapolis
u of m health clinic and surgery center
U of M here I am

It's nice to actually look forward to revisiting a medical facility. I will be going back many, many times. I hope that each time is as pleasant as the first.

My final step in the process was to leave 7 vials of my blood behind for testing. I have yet to receive the results, but let's hope they are good. None of the tests are anything I want to come back positive, except the copper levels. He said occasionally copper levels can be too low and that can cause problems such as mine. So, that one can be positive if it wants, because that's an easy fix!

Never Give Up

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